ITK/Release 4/Modularization/Configure and build ITK

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CMake options to customizing ITK modules

Default mode

  • ITK_BUILD_ALL_MODULES: request to build all the default modules in the toolkit, by default this option is ON.

All non-default modules have "EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL" tags in their module definition files(itk-module.cmake), including the remote modules (source code located outside of the main ITK repository) and modules who depend on external third-party libraries, such as vtkGlue, BridgeOpenCV, BridgeVXL, etc.

Group Options

  • ITKGroup<xxx>: request to build a group of modules. The source code is organized as such that modules belong to the same group stay in the same group directory. The core group is turned on by default.
 When a group is ON, all the modules in the group and their depending modules are enabled. When a group of OFF, all the modules in the group except the ones that are required by other enabled modules.

Module Options

  • Module_<xxx>: request to build a module. This option is hidden from the CMake gui when the module is enabled by module dependencies (other modules depend on this module), by the the group option or by the default mode(ITK_BUILD_ALL_MODULES).