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0006363CMakeCMakepublic2008-02-17 14:192010-11-10 21:06
ReporterJack T. Goral 
Assigned ToDavid Cole 
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Target VersionCMake 2.8.3Fixed in VersionCMake 2.8.3 
Summary0006363: CMake 2.4.8 x64 Windows build from sources installs in 32bit directory C:\Program Files (x86)\CMake
DescriptionI've built 2.4.8 from sources using Visual Studio 2005 amd64 compiler and preinstalled cmake 2.4.8 binaries. "Nmake install' copied files to C:\Program Files (x86)\CMake instead of C:\Program Files\CMake where 64 bit binaries should go. In addition I had to comment out install dependencies on ms*71.dlls for install to succeed (file ...\cmake-2.4.8\Utilities\Release\Release.cmake).
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related to 0009094closedKitware Robot NSIS needs to detect 32-bit/64-bit packaging projects 
related to 0009992closedDavid Cole Install dir on Win64 always starts with c:/program files (x86)/ regardless of architecture of build 

Clinton Stimpson (developer)
2008-03-17 15:30

I also see "Program Files (x86)" in the default path to install programs using the cpack created nsis installer to install 64 bit binaries.
Ryan Pavlik (reporter)
2010-04-19 12:56

In bug 0009992 I have attached a patch that fixes this bug.
David Cole (manager)
2010-11-10 21:06

The main complaint of this bug, the default make install prefix, is fixed in CMake 2.8.3. (Same change as the fix for the related issue 0009992.)

The secondary complaint, mentioned by Clinton's note, regarding the default user-overridable prefix used by the NSIS installer, is covered by related issue 0009094. Closing this bug. Watch for a fix to 0009094 for the NSIS installers of 64-bit apps.

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2010-11-10 21:06 David Cole Target Version CMake 2.8.4 => CMake 2.8.3

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