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0014528Xdmf(No Category)public2013-10-31 10:042015-05-14 15:53
ReporterHåkon Strandenes 
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Summary0014528: Polyhedral grid cell support in XDMF
DescriptionCurrently, the HDF5+XDMF approach is an easy and effective way of writing data from large parallel simulations to disk. The HDF5 library is actively developed, and is proven to perform well. Other options are often either not capable of writing large parallel datasets or is not as easy to use.

However, many CFD codes nowadays use so-called polyhedral grid cells. These cells can be of general shape and is build up of a number of faces, which again is build from nodes. A major weakness of the current XDMF format is that it is not possible to define and store these cells in the current framework.

I think that adding polyhedral grid cell support in XDMF would be a welcome improvement and would lead to more projects using XDMF.
Additional InformationI have developed a simple HDF5/XDMF writer for OpenFOAM, and more information is found here: [^]
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Armin Wehrfritz (reporter)
2014-06-12 08:30

I would also appreciate polyhedral cell support in XDMF to make this otherwise very good file format more attractive for CFD codes like OpenFOAM!

The implementation shouldn't be too complicated, since it is already implemented in VTK: [^]

There has also been a discussion among visit developers about this issue: [^]
Lucas Clemente Vella (reporter)
2015-05-14 15:53

I need such functionality, too.

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