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0014097CMakeCMakepublic2013-04-17 16:032013-04-18 08:22
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Platform32 bit vm on 64 bit systemOSwindows xp 32bit VM on suse64bitOS Version
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Summary0014097: variable UNIX set to 1 on windows xp in VM on linux host
DescriptionI have a 32 bit windows XP VM (VirtualBox) on a OpenSuse 12.3 64 bit host. In the VM I have Visual C++ 2010 express.

For me the variable UNIX is set to 1. If I try to change that by force by:
set(UNIX 0)
set(WIN32 1)
set(MSVC 1)

Then the project seems to build. However, I have to correct the included libs, because they look like on unix, e.g.:
instead of:
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related to 0013756closedBrad King Infinite loop when reconfiguring with different CMAKE_C_COMPILER 

Brad King (manager)
2013-04-17 16:24

Please run a session like this:

>type CMakeLists.txt
cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 2.8.9)
project(Issue14097 C)
message(STATUS "UNIX=[${UNIX}]")
message(STATUS "WIN32=[${WIN32}]")

>mkdir build
>cd build
>cmake .. -G"Visual Studio 10" --trace >cmake.log 2>&1

Then zip up the entire "build" directory and attach it here.
pekarvm (reporter)
2013-04-17 17:05

I installed 2.8.9 and it worked.

Now went back to Doing your test, it worked (UNIX not set, WIN32 1).

The problems was that I built the same project earlier on Linux. I triggered a "Delete Cache" in the GUI, but some stuff in the directory "CMakeFiles" was still there and it used that from the earlier linux build.

Sorry for bothering you.

Please close the issue. Or should "Delete Cache" delete "CMakeFiles" folder? A noob like me would expect that.
Brad King (manager)
2013-04-18 08:21

Delete Cache should delete the CMakeFiles folder where the CMake platform/language configuration results are stored. This was a bug in 2.8.10 that was fixed here:;a=commitdiff;h=1df09e57 [^]

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