contrib/tbl/vipl/vipl_dyadic.h File Reference

apply any (fixed) function to all (out,in) pixel pairs More...

#include <vipl/filter/vipl_filter_2d.h>

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class  vipl_dyadic< ImgIn, ImgOut, DataIn, DataOut, PixelItr >
 apply any (fixed) function to all (out,in) pixel pairs. More...

Detailed Description

apply any (fixed) function to all (out,in) pixel pairs

This image processing class is implemented using the vipl filters, which means that it can be used with any image class (IUE or not, TargetJr or not, vil or vil1 or not) of any pixel data type.

The only parameter to be passed to the constructor must be a (dyadic) function that takes two pixel values, one from the output image and one from the input image, and changes its first argument is some way. The function should not return a value, i.e., its signature must be void f(DataOut&, DataIn const&). Typical examples are adding or subtracting images pixel-wise.

Note that the output image has to be initialized in advance, as its pixel values are actually both read and written.

Peter Vanroose, K.U.Leuven (ESAT/PSI)
15 September 1999.
     Peter Vanroose, Aug.2000 - adapted to vxl

Definition in file vipl_dyadic.h.