Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
vil3d_analyze_formatReader/Writer for analyze format images
vil3d_analyze_headerStructure containing analyse header file information
vil3d_analyze_imageObject which acts as an interface to an analyze format file
vil3d_chordHorizontal line used in 3D images, with integer co-ordinates
vil3d_corners< srcT, destT >Class containing functions to estimate corner-ness in various ways
vil3d_crop_image_resourceA generic_image adaptor that behaves like a cropped version of its input
vil3d_dicom_imageA DICOM volume on disk
vil3d_file_formatsStore list of file_formats in this class to ensure tidy deletion
vil3d_gipl_formatReader/Writer for GIPL format images
vil3d_image_resourceAbstract representation of an image source or image destination
vil3d_image_view< T >Concrete view of image data of type T held in memory
vil3d_image_view_baseAn abstract base class of smart pointers to actual image data in memory
vil3d_math_scale_functorFunctor class to scale by s
vil3d_memory_imageGeneric image implementation for PNM files
vil3d_meta_image_formatReader/Writer for Meta Image format images
vil3d_overlap_functor< T1, T2 >Functor to compute overlaps by thresholding voxel values
vil3d_slice_list_formatFormat class for a volume made up of a list of images
vil3d_slice_list_imageFormat class for a volume made up of a list of images
vil3d_structuring_elementStructuring element for morphology represented as a list of non-zero pixels