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A. Filenames and structure

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A.1 Basic structure

The directory structure of vxl is below


is the C++ compatibility layer (see section vcl: C++ compatibility).


contains the core vxl libraries.


(v-third-party) contains code that is available elsewhere and is used in implementing vxl. v3p/netlib contains cleaned-up C versions of the high-quality Fortran code. v3p/jpeg and others contain image file format code used by vil. In theory, you don't need any of the v3p libraries if you have locally installed versions. In practice, you need v3p/netlib but not the others. the


contains the configuration files used by the CMake build system (see CMake).

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A.2 Other packages

On the repository and some vxl distributions, you will find several other packages in the `contrib' directory.


Published libraries from General Electric Global Research.


Published libraries from the Robots Research Group at Oxford University.


Published libraries from Imaging Science and Biomedical Engineering at the University of Manchester.


Published libraries from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


Published libraries from Brown University


A set of image processing libraries.


Published libraries from Otago University


A set of routines for converting between various vxl and non-vxl types.

These modules are presented as useful code, with even less guarantees than vxl (which is not to suggest that we guarantee anything about vxl). In particular they may not work as advertised. They may not be documented. If you find them useful, and think they deserve full vxl-status please contact the library's author to see about having the code tidied up and promoted to vxl.

You can find any overview documentation about these modules from the vxl homepage by following the "documentation" link.

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A.3 Subversion (svn) Repository

The VXL repository is provided by SourceForge--Thanks guys! The instructions for downloading vxl are documented at http://vxl.sourceforge.net/#download.

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