File List
Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
core/vsl/vsl_b_read_block_old.h [code]Backwards compatibility support only
core/vsl/vsl_basic_xml_element.cxx [code]
core/vsl/vsl_basic_xml_element.h [code]Creates basic xml nodes and writes them out to the stream A basic node contains only text content, and optionally has attribute(s)
core/vsl/vsl_binary_explicit_io.h [code]Byte-swapping, arbitrary length integer conversion, and explicit I/O
core/vsl/vsl_binary_io.cxx [code]Functions to perform consistent binary IO within vsl
core/vsl/vsl_binary_io.h [code]Set of functions, and objects to perform binary IO
core/vsl/vsl_binary_loader.h [code]Loader to do Polymorphic IO
core/vsl/vsl_binary_loader.txx [code]
core/vsl/vsl_binary_loader_base.cxx [code]
core/vsl/vsl_binary_loader_base.h [code]
core/vsl/vsl_block_binary.cxx [code]Set of functions to do binary IO on a block of values
core/vsl/vsl_block_binary.h [code]Set of functions to do binary IO on a block of values
core/vsl/vsl_block_binary_rle.h [code]Efficiently Store/Load a block of values using Run length encoding
core/vsl/vsl_clipon_binary_loader.h [code]
core/vsl/vsl_clipon_binary_loader.txx [code]
core/vsl/vsl_complex_io.h [code]Binary IO functions for vcl_complex<T>
core/vsl/vsl_complex_io.txx [code]Binary IO functions for vcl_complex<T>
core/vsl/vsl_deque_io.h [code]Binary IO functions for vcl_deque<T>
core/vsl/vsl_deque_io.txx [code]Binary IO functions for vcl_deque<T>
core/vsl/vsl_fwd.h [code]
core/vsl/vsl_indent.cxx [code]
core/vsl/vsl_indent.h [code]
core/vsl/vsl_list_io.h [code]Binary IO functions for vcl_list<T>
core/vsl/vsl_list_io.txx [code]Binary IO functions for vcl_list<T>
core/vsl/vsl_map_io.h [code]Binary IO functions for vcl_map<Key, T, Compare>
core/vsl/vsl_map_io.txx [code]Implementation binary IO functions for vcl_(multi)map<Key, T, Compare>
core/vsl/vsl_pair_io.h [code]Binary IO functions for vcl_pair<S, T>
core/vsl/vsl_pair_io.txx [code]Binary IO functions for vcl_pair<T>
core/vsl/vsl_quick_file.h [code]Functions for quickly loading and saving binary files
core/vsl/vsl_set_io.h [code]Binary IO functions for vcl_set<T>
core/vsl/vsl_set_io.txx [code]Binary IO functions for vcl_set<T>
core/vsl/vsl_stack_io.h [code]Binary IO functions for vcl_stack<T>
core/vsl/vsl_stack_io.txx [code]Binary IO functions for vcl_stack<T>
core/vsl/vsl_stream.h [code]Allows you to use the stream output operator instead of vsl_print_summary
core/vsl/vsl_string_io.h [code]Binary IO functions for vcl_basic_string<T>
core/vsl/vsl_string_io.txx [code]Binary IO functions for vcl_basic_string<T>
core/vsl/vsl_vector_io.h [code]Binary IO functions for vcl_vector<T>
core/vsl/vsl_vector_io.txx [code]Binary IO functions for vcl_vector<T>
core/vsl/vsl_vector_io_bool.cxx [code]Specialised version of binary IO for vector<bool>
core/vsl/vsl_vector_io_vector_bool.cxx [code]Old deprecated version Specialised version of binary IO for vector<vector<bool> > for backwards compatibility only