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core/vil/file_formats/vil_nitf2.h File Reference
#include <vil/vil_stream.h>
#include <vxl_config.h>

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class  vil_nitf2


#define VIL_NITF2_LOG(LEVEL)   if (vil_nitf2::s_log_level < vil_nitf2::LEVEL) ; else vcl_cout


typedef vil_stream vil_nitf2_istream
typedef vil_stream vil_nitf2_ostream
typedef vxl_int_32 vil_nitf2_long

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#define VIL_NITF2_LOG (   LEVEL)    if (vil_nitf2::s_log_level < vil_nitf2::LEVEL) ; else vcl_cout

Definition at line 63 of file vil_nitf2.h.

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Definition at line 13 of file vil_nitf2.h.

typedef vxl_int_32 vil_nitf2_long

Definition at line 26 of file vil_nitf2.h.

Definition at line 14 of file vil_nitf2.h.