core/vgui/vgui_register_all.cxx File Reference
#include <vgui/vgui_config.h>

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int vgui_gtk_tag_function ()
int vgui_gtk2_tag_function ()
int vgui_glut_tag_function ()
int vgui_mfc_tag_function ()
int vgui_wx_tag_function ()
int vgui_fltk_tag_function ()
int vgui_glX_tag_function ()
int vgui_Xm_tag_function ()
int vgui_qt_tag_function ()
int vgui_SDL_tag_function ()
int vgui_accelerate_x11_tag_function ()
int vgui_win32_tag_function ()
int vgui_register_all_implementations ()
 Registers all the available toolkit implementations.

Detailed Description


Toolkits are registered by registering a "tag function" at library initialization time. That usually works fine with shared builds on sane architectures, but it doesn't work for static builds and for shared builds on certain architectures.

Thus, explicitly calling toolkit tag functions is currently unavoidable. The purpose of this file is to keep all that hackery in one place. The mere act of including this file from the source file containing main() will result in tag functions being registered before main() is entered.

vgui is supposed to be cross-platform and xcv was supposed to work with all toolkits, not just mfc and gtk, even if they are the most important ones. So try not to remove stuff unless there is a good reason which you are willing to document next to the change.

The vgui::select() mechanism should make it unnecessary to comment out toolkits merely to stop them being initialized. If that mechanism doesn't work, the problem should be fixed in vgui.cxx, not here.

Note that vgui::select() and vgui::init() will automatically invoke vgui_tag_call() so it is unnecessary to do so here.

This used to be vgui_linker_hack.h. Since it is impossible portably to do the link-time checking of toolkit implementations, I've changed things to a compile time check. Thus, this function is called on all platforms to initialise whatever toolkits where compiled when the base vgui was compiled. As things stand, you could still link in an unknown implementation at link time and, if you have shared libraries, the unknown toolkit will probably be linked in and initialised. However, you're on your own if you attempt this. -- Amitha Perera.

Definition in file vgui_register_all.cxx.

Function Documentation

int vgui_accelerate_x11_tag_function ( )
int vgui_fltk_tag_function ( )
int vgui_glut_tag_function ( )
int vgui_glX_tag_function ( )
int vgui_gtk2_tag_function ( )
int vgui_gtk_tag_function ( )
int vgui_mfc_tag_function ( )
int vgui_qt_tag_function ( )
int vgui_register_all_implementations ( )

Registers all the available toolkit implementations.

This function is called from vgui.cxx.

Definition at line 60 of file vgui_register_all.cxx.

int vgui_SDL_tag_function ( )
int vgui_win32_tag_function ( )
int vgui_wx_tag_function ( )
int vgui_Xm_tag_function ( )