vgl_vector_3d< T > Member List
This is the complete list of members for vgl_vector_3d< T >, including all inherited members.
angle(v const &a, v const &b)vgl_vector_3d< T > [related]
cos_angle(v const &a, v const &b)vgl_vector_3d< T > [related]
cross_product(v const &a, v const &b)vgl_vector_3d< T > [related]
dot_product(v const &a, v const &b)vgl_vector_3d< T > [related]
inner_product(v const &a, v const &b)vgl_vector_3d< T > [related]
length() const vgl_vector_3d< T >
length(v const &a)vgl_vector_3d< T > [related]
normalize(v &a)vgl_vector_3d< T > [related]
normalized(v const &a)vgl_vector_3d< T > [related]
operator!=(vgl_vector_3d< T >const &v) const vgl_vector_3d< T > [inline]
operator*(double s, v const &b)vgl_vector_3d< T > [related]
operator*(v const &a, double s)vgl_vector_3d< T > [related]
operator*=(v &a, double s)vgl_vector_3d< T > [related]
operator+(v const &a, v const &b)vgl_vector_3d< T > [related]
operator+(v const &b)vgl_vector_3d< T > [related]
operator+=(v &a, v const &b)vgl_vector_3d< T > [related]
operator-(v const &a, v const &b)vgl_vector_3d< T > [related]
operator-(v const &b)vgl_vector_3d< T > [related]
operator-=(v &a, v const &b)vgl_vector_3d< T > [related]
operator/(v const &a, double s)vgl_vector_3d< T > [related]
operator/(v const &a, v const &b)vgl_vector_3d< T > [related]
operator/=(v &a, double s)vgl_vector_3d< T > [related]
operator<<(vcl_ostream &s, v const &p)vgl_vector_3d< T > [related]
operator==(vgl_vector_3d< T >const &v) const vgl_vector_3d< T > [inline]
operator>>(vcl_istream &s, v &p)vgl_vector_3d< T > [related]
operator>>(vcl_istream &is, vgl_vector_3d< T > &p)vgl_vector_3d< T > [related]
orthogonal(v const &a, v const &b, double eps=0.0)vgl_vector_3d< T > [related]
orthogonal_vectors(double s) const vgl_vector_3d< T >
parallel(v const &a, v const &b, double eps=0.0)vgl_vector_3d< T > [related]
read(vcl_istream &is)vgl_vector_3d< T > [related]
set(T vx, T vy, T vz)vgl_vector_3d< T > [inline]
set(T const v[3])vgl_vector_3d< T > [inline]
sqr_length() const vgl_vector_3d< T > [inline]
sqr_length(v const &a)vgl_vector_3d< T > [related]
vgl_vector_3d()vgl_vector_3d< T > [inline]
vgl_vector_3d(T vx, T vy, T vz)vgl_vector_3d< T > [inline]
vgl_vector_3d(const T v[3])vgl_vector_3d< T > [inline]
x() const vgl_vector_3d< T > [inline]
x_vgl_vector_3d< T >
y() const vgl_vector_3d< T > [inline]
y_vgl_vector_3d< T >
z() const vgl_vector_3d< T > [inline]
z_vgl_vector_3d< T >