Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
compare_crossedges< T >
compare_vertind< T >
vgl_polygon_scan_iterator< T >::crossedgeDescribes an edge crossing the current scan line
vgl_triangle_scan_iterator< T >::ptVertices of triangle
vgl_polygon_scan_iterator< T >::vertindVertex index - uniquely identifies a vertex in the array chains
vgl_1d_basis< T >Storage for 3 collinear points to serve as 1-D projective basis
vgl_bbox_2d< Type >Vgl_rtree Class C for V=vgl_box_2d<T>, B = vgl_rbox_2d<T>
vgl_box_2d< Type >Represents a cartesian 2D box
vgl_box_3d< Type >Represents a cartesian 3D box
vgl_compute_similarity_3d< T >
vgl_conic< T >A quadratic plane curve
vgl_conic_2d_regression< T >
vgl_conic_segment_2d< Type >Represents a 2D conic segment using two points
vgl_convex_hull_2d< T >
vgl_cylinder< Type >
vgl_ellipse_scan_iterator< T >Scan convert an ellipse
vgl_ellipsoid_3d< T >
vgl_fit_conics_2d< T >
vgl_fit_lines_2d< T >
vgl_fit_plane_3d< T >
vgl_fit_sphere_3d< T >
vgl_frustum_3d< Type >A 3D frustum is the portion of a solid (normally a cone or pyramid)
vgl_h_matrix_1d< T >A class to hold a line-to-line projective transformation matrix and to perform common operations using it e.g
vgl_h_matrix_1d_compute_3pointCalculate the line projectivity which matches three 1D point correspondences
vgl_h_matrix_2d< T >A class to hold a plane-to-plane projective transformation matrix and to perform common operations using it e.g
vgl_h_matrix_3d< T >A class to hold a 3-d projective transformation matrix and to perform common operations using it e.g
vgl_homg< T >General purpose support class for vgl_homg_ classes
vgl_homg_line_2d< T >Represents a homogeneous 2D line
vgl_homg_line_3d_2_points< Type >Represents a homogeneous 3D line using two points
vgl_homg_operators_1d< T >1D homogeneous functions
vgl_homg_operators_2d< T >2D homogeneous operations
vgl_homg_operators_3d< Type >3D homogeneous operations
vgl_homg_plane_3d< Type >Represents a homogeneous 3D plane
vgl_homg_point_1d< T >Represents a homogeneous 1-D point, i.e., a homogeneous pair (x,w)
vgl_homg_point_2d< T >Represents a homogeneous 2D point
vgl_homg_point_3d< Type >Represents a homogeneous 3D point
vgl_infinite_line_3d< Type >Represents a 3-d line with position defined in the orthogonal plane passing through the origin
vgl_line_2d< Type >Represents a Euclidean 2D line
vgl_line_2d_regression< T >A class to hold the line 2d_regression data and actual fitting code
vgl_line_3d_2_points< Type >A class to hold a non-homogeneous representation of a 3D line
vgl_line_segment_2d< Type >Represents a 2D line segment using two points
vgl_line_segment_3d< Type >Represents a 3D line segment using two points
vgl_norm_trans_2d< T >
vgl_norm_trans_3d< T >
vgl_orient_box_3d< Type >
vgl_orient_box_3d_operators< T >
vgl_p_matrix< T >
vgl_plane_3d< T >Represents a Euclidean 3D plane
vgl_point_2d< Type >Represents a cartesian 2D point
vgl_point_3d< Type >Represents a cartesian 3D point
vgl_polygon< T >Store a polygon
vgl_polygon_scan_iterator< T >Fill a polygonal face with interior scan lines
vgl_polygon_sheet_as_array< T >A commonly required (single-sheet) polygon representation
vgl_ray_3d< Type >Represents a 3-d ray
vgl_region_scan_iteratorAbstract base class for iterating over the pixels in a region of an image
vgl_rotation_3d< T >
vgl_rtree< V, B, C >Templated rtree class
vgl_rtree_box_box_2d< T >
vgl_rtree_const_iterator< V, B, C >Const_iterator for rtree
vgl_rtree_iterator< V, B, C >Iterator for rtree
vgl_rtree_iterator_base< V, B, C >Base class for both rtree iterators
vgl_rtree_node< V, B, C >Represent a node in the rtree
vgl_rtree_point_box_2d< T >Vgl_rtree Class C for V=vgl_point_2d<T>, B = vgl_box_2d<T>
vgl_rtree_polygon_probe< V, B, C >
vgl_rtree_probe< V, B, C >Function predicate object for querying the tree
vgl_sphere_3d< Type >Represents a cartesian 3D point
vgl_tolerance< T >
vgl_triangle_scan_iterator< T >Optimized polygon scan iterator for triangles
vgl_vector_2d< T >Direction vector in Euclidean 2D space, templated by type of element
vgl_vector_3d< T >Direction vector in Euclidean 3D space, templated by type of element
vgl_window_scan_iterator< T >Iterator to scan rectangular windows