contrib/mul/vil3d/vil3d_copy.cxx File Reference
#include "vil3d_copy.h"
#include <vcl_algorithm.h>
#include <vil3d/vil3d_image_resource.h>
#include <vil3d/vil3d_property.h>

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bool vil3d_copy_deep (const vil3d_image_resource_sptr &src, vil3d_image_resource_sptr &dest)
 Copy src to dest.

Detailed Description

Ian Scott, ISBE, Manchester
5 Oct 2004

Definition in file vil3d_copy.cxx.

Function Documentation

bool vil3d_copy_deep ( const vil3d_image_resource_sptr src,
vil3d_image_resource_sptr dest 

Copy src to dest.

This is useful if you want to copy on image into a window on another image. src and dest must have identical sizes, and pixel-types. Returns false if the copy failed. O(size).

Definition at line 25 of file vil3d_copy.cxx.