[vtkusers] How to perform a transformation to each slice individually?

lucky f_u_7 at yahoo.com
Thu May 23 05:56:48 EDT 2019

I have a series of Xray images of a cylindrical part. With that, I can create
and visualize the volume, but the data appear like a stack of slices from -Z
to Z.
What I want is to *rotate each slice image with an incremental angle along
Y-axis* to make the whole volume cylindrical. Something like the following
c++ code.

I have tried *vtkImageReslice* but it transforms the whole volume data not
each slice in an incremental way. How can I perform a transformation to each
slice individually?



void RotateEachSliceImage(VtkSliceImages& images)
	int countImages = images.size();

	double incrementalAngle = 360.0 / countImages;	// incremental angle for
each image

	double angle = incrementalAngle;

	for (int i = 1; i < countImages; i++)
		images[i].rotate(angle, 1);	// along Y axis

		angle = angle + incrementalAngle;

int main() 
	VtkSliceImages slices(2400);

	return 0;

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