[vtkusers] mouse coordinates from a 3d volume with wrong y

Andras Lasso lasso at queensu.ca
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Subject: [vtkusers] mouse coordinates from a 3d volume with wrong y

Dear all,
I want to get the positions of a volume using the mouse for segmentation.  But the y coordinate is wrong. I only get the x and z fine but the depth (y) is not correct. I use this code to get the position. Is there any way to obtain the slice (y position)


            // Get the location of the click (in window coordinates)
            int* pos = this->GetInteractor()->GetEventPosition();

            vtkSmartPointer<vtkCellPicker> picker =


            // Pick from this location.
            picker->Pick(pos[0], pos[1], 0, global_renderer);

            double* worldPosition = picker->GetPickPosition();
            std::cout << "Cell id is: " << picker->GetCellId() << std::endl;

            if (picker->GetCellId() != -1)

                std::cout << "Pick position is: " << worldPosition[0] << " " << worldPosition[1]
                    << " " << worldPosition[2] << endl;
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