[vtkusers] visualize 3D dicom file

marco festugato marco12nar at hotmail.it
Fri Mar 15 08:59:09 EDT 2019

Hi guys! I've read 200 dicom files in ITK (using the example "Reading a 2D
DICOM Series and Writing a Volume" from the itk User Guide) and saved the
volume in a .dcm file in order to open it with VTK.
When I use my code in VTK (reader = vtkDICOMImageReader , mapper =
vtkFixedPointVolumeRayCastMapper) i only see a black window, like my reader
couldnt actually load the volume!

I used the same code in VTK changing SetFileName with SetDirectoryName (in
the dicomReader) and gave the folder of my 200 images and i was able to see
the volume (so the VTK code seems to be good...)...what could be my problem?
I was careful to follow the steps in the itk user guide when i wrote the
volume in a .dcm file....
Thank u for your help!

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