[vtkusers] R: how to install vtk 8.2

T.J. Corona tj.corona at kitware.com
Sat Mar 2 22:46:46 EST 2019

Hi Marco,

A good introduction to using CMake to build projects can be found here: https://cmake.org/runningcmake/ . The source directory contains VTK’s source code and the build directory is an empty directory in which VTK’s binaries will be built.


> On Mar 2, 2019, at 4:54 PM, marco festugato <marco12nar at hotmail.it> wrote:
> I mean, the 'source' is the folder in which i extracted the vtk8.2 (using for example winrar?)? 
> Da: marco festugato <marco12nar at hotmail.it>
> Inviato: sabato 2 marzo 2019 22:46
> A: T.J. Corona
> Oggetto: R: [vtkusers] how to install vtk 8.2
> Hi T.J. and thank u for your answer! I don't understand what are my 'source' and 'build' directory 🙁..i think the source is the folder after extracting the vtk 8.2?
> Sorry, i'm very new to vtk!
> Da: T.J. Corona <tj.corona at kitware.com>
> Inviato: sabato 2 marzo 2019 19:16
> A: marco festugato
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> Oggetto: Re: [vtkusers] how to install vtk 8.2
> Hi Marco,
> Have you tried following the steps outlined on https://vtk.org/Wiki/VTK/Configure_and_Build#On_Windows_4 ? If so, what problems have you encountered specifically?
> Sincerely,
> T.J.
> On Mar 2, 2019, at 10:21 AM, marco festugato <marco12nar at hotmail.it> wrote:
>> Hi guys! I'm very new to vtk and i can't manage to understand how to properly
>> install the vtk 8.2 on my win10 pc...any help? I couldnt find anything on
>> the internet so far that could help me...any help would be much appreciated!
>> :D
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