[vtkusers] Arbitary Higher Order Lagrange hexahedron elements and data

Rohit Vuppala rvuppal at ncsu.edu
Fri Jan 18 21:56:35 EST 2019


The new versions of ParaView(5.5 and above) supports arbitary order
lagrange hexahedron elements. The ordering of the points (lagrange points
facepoints+interior+corners)associated with the elements hasn’t been
provided either in the ParaView reference guide or in VTK file format
specification in VTK guide. (For simple hex the ordering of nodes is
clockwise from inside the cell for one face and similar for the nodes in
the opp face ). How do we figure such ordering or pattern for the Arbitary
Order Lagrange Hexahedron ?

Rohit K S S Vuppala
Graduate Student
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