[vtkusers] Access to Cells in VTK.js

Andrzej Marciniak marciniak.andrzej.zg at gmail.com
Fri Jan 18 13:42:46 EST 2019

Hi Sebastien,

Thank you for the tip - it works for me. Now, I have only a problem with
precision in finding IJK. 
Should I better use vtkPicker or vtkMappers to get IJK position of selected
voxel? I have made a simple experiment with both ways to calculate IJK and I
got different results. 

 renderWindow.getInteractor().onRightButtonPress((callData) => {
            if (renderer !== callData.pokedRenderer) {
            const pos = callData.position;
            const point = [pos.x, pos.y, 0.0];
            picker.pick(point, renderer);
            const worldPos = picker.getPickedPositions()[0]; 
//I have only one Actor in renderer but 3 mappers set on different planes
            let slices = null;
            try {
                slices = mappers.map((el) => {             
                    return el.getSliceAtPosition(worldPos) // this is how I
get I,J,K with ImageMapper API
            catch (err) {  alert("You cannot pick a point outside MRI
            const pointIndex = slices[0] + slices[1] * dims[0] + slices[2] *
dims[0] * dims[1];
            const pointIndex2 = picker.getCellIJK()[0] 
                               + picker.getCellIJK()[1] * dims[0] 
                               + picker.getCellIJK()[2] * dims[0] * dims[1];
            if (pointIndex===pointIndex2)
            else {
= 1500;
As a result I have different voxels marked (please see image).  White voxel
is when they agree, light- and dark-grey when they don't. The results are
different when the selected point on canvas is close to the border of voxel
(points 1 and 3). 
Which way is better?  Can be direction of the vtkDataImage problem here (its
not aligned with xyz coordinates)?
Thank you again 

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