[vtkusers] Turning off/on voxels at the intersection of two vtkimagedata

shadab anwar sk.shadabanwar at gmail.com
Wed Jan 9 15:50:05 EST 2019

Hey Andras,
Thank You for the quick reply!

My application is based on CAD and Machining Dynamics.
Also I would like to know the process for translating the vtkimagedata so
that I can see the tool moving visually to the next position. I have tried
vtkimagereslice and vtktransformfilter. The problem with vtkimagereslice is
that if I rotate the model I get a truncated solid. When I use
vtktransformfilter I get the output as vtkstructuredgrid instead of
I'll be happy if you can show me a direction such that I will be able to
translate, rotate my imagedata (not the actor).

Just to let you know I am using C++.


On Wed, 9 Jan 2019 at 3:10 PM, Andras Lasso <lasso at queensu.ca> wrote:

> You can do the single step of blanking out an image data with another by
> resampling the two images in the same coordinate system and use
> vtkImageMask or vtkImageMath to combine them.
> If you wanted to simulate medical procedures (bone removal, etc.) note
> that a full suite of tools are available for this in 3D Slicer application (
> www.slicer.org) and its many extensions. They are based on VTK and fully
> customizable or extensible in Python and C++. You can connect to almost any
> position tracker device (it can be a simple webcam that tracks 2D barcodes,
> or a commercial surgical navigation system) using SlicerIGT extension (
> www.slicerigt.org) to get tool position in real-time. To remove tissue
> probably the simplest is to import the tool model as a segment and apply
> “volume masking” segment editor effect. You can even compute skill
> assessment metrics using PerkTutor extension (www.perktutor.org). All the
> programming that you need to do is writing 20-30 lines of Python code to
> trigger volume masking automatically when the tool position is changed. If
> you have any questions you can post it to https://discourse.slicer.org.
> Andras
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> Hi everyone,
> I am working on a problem consisting of two vtkimagedata, where the first
> vtkimagedata represents workpiece (3D block) and other vtkimagedata
> represents  tool (cylindrical) in my application.
> I want to turn off the voxels at the intersection of these two imagedata
> after that  I want to translate the tool to a next position and repeat the
> same thing.
> I have tried few methods but no sucess! I'll be really grateful if you can
> help me with the easiest method to do so or at least show me direction to
> go.
> Thanks,
> Shadab
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