[vtkusers] how to get python documentation easier

Franks masterwangzx at gmail.com
Tue Jan 8 05:43:48 EST 2019

I am using python to create my vtk project. But I found that there are less
resources for python than c++. I want to read the documentation for python.

1. I use help() in python. It is somehow helpful. But it is inconvenient to
see the documentation in the console.

2. The ducumentation downloaded in the official website is helpful. But I
found a problem. It can't expand list by mouse click.

3. I use the vtk installed by pip. It has a problem that my ide(pycharm) can
not prompt the inherited function. I must know the parent class name and it
prompt the function name. 

  reader = vtk.vtkJPEGReader()
  # reader.SetFileName()  this can not be prompted
  vtk.vtkImageReader2.SetFileName(reader, '')

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