[vtkusers] Convert multiple Polydata to a single vtkMetaImage file

Tarun Choudhary T.Choudhary at hull.ac.uk
Thu Apr 11 14:04:47 EDT 2019

Dear VTK Users,

I am new to VTK and I was hoping if I could get some suggestions / advice from your VTK expertise.

Actually, I am trying to create a *.mhd & *.raw from *.stl data which I am able to only if there is only one stl file but in case of more than one STL files I cant.
My aim is to collect polydata from each stl files in an array and put them together in to one single *.mhd & *raw file.

Could you please help me on how to convert more than one stl files in to on a single *.mhd & *raw file.

Thanks in advance :) !

Kind Regards,

Tarun Choudhary
Research Software Developer
Department of Engineering
University of Hull
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