[vtkusers] vtkVolumeProperty shade on : light orientation issue when user matrix has been modified

Renaud Lebrun renaud.lebrun at umontpellier.fr
Tue Apr 9 04:32:49 EDT 2019

Dear Vtk Users,

I have a question regarding volume mapper shading related with light 

I develop a VTK based application  ( 
https://github.com/morphomuseum/MorphoDig ), in which I use 3D rendering 
of a 3D volume with the vtkVolumeProperty shade option set to on.

I instantiated 1 (and only 1) light which I expect to follow the camera:

vtkSmartPointer<vtkLight> light = vtkSmartPointer<vtkLight>::New();

However, when I change the user matrix of the vtkVolume object, it seems 
that the way the shading is computed is done *before* the user matrix of 
the volume is used to move the 3D volume in space (see image attached). 
If I understand things correctly, the user matrix of the volume should 
be taken into account before the shading is achieved, but it seems not 
to be the case.
*See image attached : *
_Top line:_ on the left, I have set a camera "front" light, and the 
shading of the object appears as I expect.  On the left, I applied a 
180° rotation of the object (the camera) and it seems that the light 
comes from the back side, which is unexpected.
_Bottom line:_ when rendering vtkPolyData objects, however, the 
direction of a "camera" light works: the user matrix is applied before 
the light direction and after being rotated 180°, the light seems to 
come from the front side as well.

Or maybe there is something I do not get here?

Many thanks in advance for your answer,
Best regards,

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