[vtkusers] vtkLookupTable crashes in release mode. VTK8.1.1

Vipul Pai Raikar vpai at g.clemson.edu
Tue Sep 25 14:46:37 EDT 2018


I am having issues creating a vtkLookupTable. I am encountering a peculiar
issue with lookup tables when in release mode. Whenever I am trying to
SetHueRange (or SaturationRange or ValueRange) I run into an access
violation. But this works as expected in debug mode. Any one run into the
same issue? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Example Code:
  vtkSmartPointer<vtkLookupTable> bwLut =
  bwLut->SetHueRange (0, 0);
  bwLut->SetSaturationRange (0, 0);
  bwLut->SetValueRange (0, 1);
  bwLut->SetTableRange (0, 255);

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