[vtkusers] Correct way to return input polydata as output from filter

andyjk andrewkeeling at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 27 03:22:14 EST 2018

Basics please!

I have a function:
void foo(vtksmartpointer<vtkpolydata>& in_out);

In foo I run several filters in a pipeline, starting with in_out as an

My first question:
To return the modified in_out, currently I create a temporary polydata, get
the final filter output, then deepcopy temporary to in_out. Is this the best

Second question:
I find if I don't pass smartpointer by reference, things don't work. This
can be shown with the VTK test for normals demo too (which passes
polydata*). I have to change to referenced smartpointers to get the results
of the function to persist. Somehow I think this is wrong?

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