[vtkusers] Mesh Interpolation

Andrew E. Slaughter andrew.slaughter at inl.gov
Mon Nov 26 19:25:48 EST 2018

In my previous reply I included the wrong script, this one still doesn’t work, but runs. Sorry.

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Hi Andrew,

One way to interpolate point and cell data between two mesh: you can use the vtkPointInterpolator with a Voronoi Kernel (or other kernel), do a itk::DiscreteGaussianImageFilter over the 3D image to smooth the interpolation and then do a vtkProbeFilter.



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I need to perform interpolation of data between two ExodusII files that differ because of refinement. I was hoping someone could point me in the
correct direction for performing this action. I have attached the Exodus files that I am working with as well as a  script that reads and displays the two files.
I am using VTK7.1 (I can use 8 if needed) on MacOS.

Here is the steps that I envision, but I am open to all options:

1.      Interpolate the result from the coarse mesh to the fine mesh (I don’t know how to do this step).

2.      Use vtkInterpolateDataSetAttributes to interpolate between the result from (1) and the fine mesh.

Thanks for the help,


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