[vtkusers] Questions about getting started with VTK.

A Z poweruserm at live.com.au
Sun Nov 25 22:58:15 EST 2018

-Are there precompiled Windows .dll files that I download, particularly 64 bit ones?
Is it possible to download VTK like this without having to try and fail
at compiling this myself?  If not, could someone change this and post these .dll files
on the internet somewhere?

-If I only want to produce 2D or 3D plotting, is it possible to use a subset of the VTK
.dll files, so as to not have to include them all alongside a program?

-I know that it is possible to put a VTK plot into a popular graphics library format.
Does VTK have in place compatability for WXWidgets image drawing classes
and drawing elements?
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