[vtkusers] Wheels for Python3.7 ('pip3 install vtk' fails)

David Gobbi david.gobbi at gmail.com
Wed Nov 21 09:41:21 EST 2018

Hi Lukas,

There was a change in the Python 3.7 API that caused compatibility problems
with VTK.  This has been fixed in VTK 8.1.2, which was released a few days
ago. Unfortunately I don't know the timeline for getting VTK 8.1.2 into


On Wed, Nov 21, 2018 at 7:07 AM Franks <masterwangzx at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,Lukas
> The current VTK in pip do not support python3.7.
> Solution:
> 1. You can use python3.6 or 3.5, 3.4. See the supported python version in
> the link   https://pypi.org/project/vtk/#files
> <https://pypi.org/project/vtk/#files>
> 2. You can build VTK source with "VTK_WRAP_PYTHON" on.
> Frank
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