[vtkusers] Mayavi and VTK

Fahlgren, Eric eric.fahlgren at smith-nephew.com
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The old VTK .exe installers don’t create a manifest in the python site-packages directory (which is what pip uses to recognize their installation and to resolve dependencies).

You might try “pip install --no-deps mayavi” and see if that works.  If it shows other dependencies, then you’ll need to install those separately as in “pip install <other-dep>”.


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Hi Peter,

I think you'll have better luck asking this question on a mayavi support forum or mailing list.


On Wed, Nov 21, 2018 at 2:14 AM Peter Czaja <peterhczaja at gmail.com<mailto:peterhczaja at gmail.com>> wrote:
Hi Guys,

I've downloaded the 32 bit windows exe file
vtkpython-6.3.0-Windows-32bit.exe and have installed into C:\Program
Files\VTK 6.3.0.

When I use pip to install mayavi as - pip install mayavi, the install
comes back with an error saying vtk not found !

Any ideas ?


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