[vtkusers] vtkWarpInverseTransformPoint

Ruurd Kuiper ruurd.kuiper at gmail.com
Mon Nov 19 10:57:02 EST 2018

Dear all,

I am trying to understand the vtkWarpTransform
method vtkWarpInverseTransformPoint, so I can implement it in my own code.
My goal is to inverse a 3D displacement field image (so 4 dimensions
including the displacement vector). However, my results are always
different from the results I get by using the vtk.

I think my problem might be caused either by the way points that reside on
the borders of the image are handled, or by a misunderstanding of
TemplateTransformPoint(inverse,deltaP,derivative) (line 145) in
vtkWarpTransform. I was not able to find the source code in which either of
this is described. Does anyone have a link to this?

Kind regards,

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