[vtkusers] RemoveVertices chnages the vertex list

avcs2080 avcs_silwal at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 1 18:32:13 EDT 2018

Let's say I have a graph which has 10 vertices. When I use the vertex
iterator and print the vertex list it looks like this.
"001", "002"............ "010" These are essentially the pedigree Ids. Now,
I delete two vertices ("001" and "010") using the
RemoveVertices(vertex_id_array) function and the print the new vertex list. 
Surprisingly, the sequence of the vertex list is not maintained, it looks
something like this. "009", "002","003".................."008". How do I
maintain the sequence once I remove vertices or reorder the new vertex list?
This is essential for my algorithm

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