[vtkusers] Using QVTKOpenGLWidget in QGraphics view and replacement for deprecated QVTKGraphicsItem

Oleksandr Malyushytsky omalyushytskyvtkuser at gmail.com
Tue Jul 31 18:48:33 EDT 2018

QVTKWidget and QVTKWidget2 are deprecated due to QGLWidget be deprecated in
There is a replacement  - QVTKOpenGLWidget which is  subclassing

But it seems there is no real support for using vtk in QGraphicsScene.
Using QVTKOpenGLWidget  as a background for QGraphicsScene is relatively

But QVTKGraphicsItem is still derived from QVTKWidget and is using
QGLContext (depricated).

Are there plans or example of  QVTKGraphicsItem equivalent
("QVTKOpenGLGraphicsItem) ?

Best regards,
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