[vtkusers] does the ordering of the points in vtkCellArray imply adjacency?

WackoWanderer marcwang17 at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 27 14:28:56 EDT 2018


I have a closed contour in the form of a polyline. I am accessing the point
through vtkPolyData.GetLines() and iterating through the cells in

I want to calculate the angle bisector at each vertex of the line. Therefore
I need to know the coordinate of V_{i-1}, V_i and V_{i+1}. 

In the vtkCellArray, [n0, p_1, p_2,... , p_n0, ... ] , if p_2 comes after
p_1 in the cell , does it mean that p_1 and p_2 are connected together?   

Also would it be possible to reupload the vtk textbook and user guide on the
website. All the equations are not rendered correctly and therefore
unreadable. I tried to open the pdf with bunch of pdf reader and it still
doesn't look right.  


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