[vtkusers] MarchingCubes on polydata with vtkjs

Sebastien Jourdain sebastien.jourdain at kitware.com
Wed Jul 25 11:10:53 EDT 2018

Polydata are just surface mesh so contouring them will mean creating an iso
We don't have such filter implemented inside vtk.js.

On Wed, Jul 25, 2018 at 6:34 AM marf <marvin.huber at basf.com> wrote:

> Hello guys, I have some polydata and want to extract its surface. I stumble
> upon vtkImageMarchingCubes, which seemed to be exactly what I need. Only it
> is not able to handle polydata. I tried using it like this:
> *const cubes = vtk.Filters.General.vtkImageMarchingCubes.newInstance();
> cubes.setContourValue(0.5);
> cubes.setInputConnection(this.reader.getOutputPort());
> cubes.update();
> this.mapper.setInputConnection(cubes.getOutputPort());*
> But using it like this throws an error
> *ERROR TypeError: o.getOrigin is not a function*
> Where, as I figured out, o is my polydata, which indeed does not have a
> getOrigin method. From looking at ImageMarchingCube's code, I also figured
> out it would then need a getSpacing() and getDimensions() method.
> So my question is, what kind of data do I feed to ImageMarchingCubes or is
> there any way to get it to work with polydata?
> Greetings, Marvin
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