[vtkusers] Question: choose vertices on STL object

Turner, Shruti s.turner17 at imperial.ac.uk
Wed Jul 25 04:50:04 EDT 2018


I'm new to VTK and I am trying to use it so that I can create a colour map on an object to represent some measured data with some interpolation. In real life I have an object with sensors in various locations. I have a 3D model of the object which I have imported into vtk as an STL file.

I now want to assign the measured data to the relevant locations on the model, then I want to interpolate between the measured data points so every vertex has a value. I then want to have a colour scale dependent on the value of the vertex.

I'm not sure how to go about this or if it's possible. My specific queries are:-

  1.  Can I click on the model for it to give me the location of the nearest vertex to my mouse click? If so, how can I?
  2.  What is the best way to interpolate between the known measurements? I don't need each value across the mesh, only the final colours - would it be better to assign colours to the known points and then interpolate colour between them without doing the numbers?

Many thanks,
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