[vtkusers] Customized interactor in vtk 8.1

LOPEZ VELAZCO, ROCIO rocio.lopez at upf.edu
Tue Jul 24 05:55:25 EDT 2018

Hello all,

I am developing an application based in MITK which uses vtk. I am migrating
now the app from vtk 7 to vtk 8.1. I have found a problem with respect
changing the render window interactor style to a customized one. It worked
perfectly in vtk 7, however now it does not apply the new style. The code
is the same:

m_renderWindowInteractor = m_simulation_3D_right->GetVtkRenderWindow()->
vtkNew<customMouseInteractorStyle> style;

Where m_renderWindowInteractor is

I created my customize style following this example

Now, using vtk 8.1 it compiles and gives no error but it does not work, it
does not apply my custom style... Should I take something new into account?
Any help will be very welcome!

Thank you very much in advance.

Best regards,


Rocío López Velazco

*SimbioSYS** group, BCN MedTech*

*UniversityPompeu Fabra*

*Department of Information and Communication Technologies Roc Boronat, 122
(Tànger Building),  08018 Barcelona                    Office 55 119
https://bcn-medtech.upf.edu/ <https://bcn-medtech.upf.edu/>*
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