[vtkusers] “Connect” actors by removing overlap or “filling” the gab. Collision detection

M_skov M.skovmand1 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 16 09:42:27 EDT 2018

I am attempting to visualize a structural frame, with a hollow cylindrical
cross-section (later on I would like to generalize the cross-section, but
for now this will do), using VTK version 8.1.0 and Python. Disclaimer, I am
quite new to both VTK and Python programming.

The problem is I am getting overlapping actors, which is obvious, to be
honest. As illustrated in the figure below.
I would like to get rid of this, and actually "connect" the adjacent actors.
I am thinking that first of all, I need some form of collision detection.
This I hoped could be achieved by using the example shown here: 
However, I cannot get this example working with the way I am illustrating
the cylinders as of now. (I have created a "sandbox" example of the problem,
which I will put at the end of this post).

My thought about this method is to use the points from the intersection to
create a surface that can be used for clipping. I do not know if this is
possible, or if there is a better solution to this problem?

I hope some can be able to assist in this, would be much appreciated. If I
need to go in another direction, in general, to solve this problem please
let me know!

If more information is needed please let me know as well. 

A sandbox version illustrating my problem can be seen below.
The problem here is that I get a warning saying no intersection. Which there
clearly is. I am using the transformed polydata for checking the
intersection (Or so I think atleast), and I cannot figure out why I get no
intersection, all help is appreciated!

Best regards, Martin

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