[vtkusers] Tapered "cylinder".

M_skov M.skovmand1 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 12 08:11:42 EDT 2018

Hello there.

Disclaimer, I am quite new to using VTK, and even coding in general (which
is done in Python).
I am trying to visualize a tapered hollow cylinder, I have start and
end-coordinates (x,y,z) and a different diameter at each coordinate. 
   /      \
  /        \  This is basically what I want.
 /_____ \  

I have searched, quite a bit, but have yet to find a solution to this.
As of right now, when the diameters are equal, I am visualizing the cylinder
as an extruded disk, transforming it for the orientation, which works

I have been looking at vtktubefilter, but as I see it, I end up losing my
wall thickness using that option.
Is there a radius scaling factor I have overlooked, or other functions that
can help me accomplish this?

Hoping the question is clear and that someone is able to assist me in this.
Have a nice day!

- Martin

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