[vtkusers] Is there any way to prepare datasets for vtk.js?

Aron Helser aron.helser at kitware.com
Wed Jul 11 10:08:33 EDT 2018

Adding back the mailing list....

Do you have a particular goal, or do you just want to try out vtk-js? If
you just want to see what it can do, it is used the rendering in ParaView
Glance, which you can try out here:
It will load several different data formats, or just start with the example
datasets. As you can see, vtk-js is used for real and useful projects.

For just VTK-js, the example applications like the OBJ viewer:
are a good starting point - there are several that will load different
formats of data.

The script I pointed you at is a ParaView macro, which means that after
running the ParaView application, you add it by going to the Macro menu and
choosing 'Add new macro...'


On Wed, Jul 11, 2018 at 9:59 AM Alexey Pechnikov <pechnikov at mobigroup.ru>

> Aron,
> That script doesn't work in python2/python3 (there is no paraview
> extension) and it doesn't work in internal Paraview Python shell. Maybe do
> you know some working way? Or do you mean I need to write my own script
> using this one instead of normal documentation? Is vtk-js used by somebody
> or it's only just to fun unuseful project? Maybe I don't need to try it
> actually.
> 2018-07-11 20:16 GMT+07:00 Aron Helser <aron.helser at kitware.com>:
>> Hi Alexey,
>> This example:
>> https://kitware.github.io/vtk-js/examples/StandaloneSceneLoader.html
>> references this macro from
>> vtk-js: Utilities/ParaView/export-scene-macro.py
>> It can be used to export a scene from ParaView for consumption by vtk-js.
>> I know there are other ways to do it as well, but that was the easiest.
>> HTH,
>> Aron
>> On Wed, Jul 11, 2018 at 5:54 AM Alexey Pechnikov <pechnikov at mobigroup.ru>
>> wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I couldn't find any documentation or tool to do it. Google doesn't know
>>> anything about "vti-web" data format. VTK/VTI and other VTK formats are not
>>> allowed I see. Is disassembling example datasets and build own tools the
>>> only possible way?!
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>>> Best regards, Alexey Pechnikov.
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