[vtkusers] Extracted cross-section from vtkCutter cannot be displayed

ochampao ochampao at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 10 10:27:52 EDT 2018

Hi vtkUsers,

I am trying to extract the cross-section of a sphere (vtkSphereSource)
displayed in one render window, and display its cross-section in another
render window, however, I am unable to make this work. I am trying to
achieve this using a vtkCutter to extract the cross-section of

I have adapted the SideBySideRenderWindowsQt example from the wiki to
demonstrate the problem. The full compileable code is attached.

Here are some details of the problem:

In the example, I have two views: 1) left "2D" view and 2) right "3D" view.
The 2D view has a callback for picking points via the ALT+LeftMouseButton
key combination. When the user picks a point on the 2D view, the
addPickedPoint() method is called, which renders a sphere on the 3D view and
then uses a vtkCutter to extract the cross-section of the sphere so that it
is displayed at the position of the picked point on the 2D view. The
attached code implements this behaviour, however, only the sphere appears on
the 3D view. Its cross-section, extracted using a vtkCutter instance is not
displayed on the 2D view. My initial thought was that the vtkImageStack on
the 2D view is "hiding" the cross-section actor, but after removing the
vtkImageStack the actor is still not displayed.

Have you got any ideas on how to fix this?

Any help will be much appreciated.


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