[vtkusers] How to a customise vtkWidgetEvent?

ran kor1581 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 3 04:44:06 EDT 2018

Hi all,
I'm using vtkLineWidget2 for drawing lines over an image in
vtkResliceImageViewer2. Current behavior of vtkLineWidget2  on
LeftMouseButtonPress + Mousemove is transulation but i need I need to
customize the behavior on event over the line. I tried to set
lineWidget2->GetEventTranslator()->SetTranslation, but it only accept
vtkWidgetEvent which already defined. 
I also tried to  lineWidget2->GetEventTranslator()->RemoveTranslation, and
to customize in my observer call back method, but then the event is not
recognized by the callback and is transferring parent render window(which is 
vtkResliceImageViewer2) interactor style. In this case, I can't find whether
the event is happening in vtkLineWidget2.

Can I add a custom vtkWidgetEvent in to customize the behavior
or can disable the action of an event(for eg translation action on 
LeftMouseButtonPress + Mousemove) with retaining observer event?

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