[vtkusers] Rendering a Window on Screen with vtkOpenVRRenderWindow

lmkkp lmkkpvtk at 163.com
Wed Feb 28 21:36:28 EST 2018

How can I render a window on screen with vtkOpenVRRenderWindow?
The relevant code in VTK8.1 is following:
       this->HelperWindow->SetOffScreenRendering(1);//I tried to comment out this line, 
                                                                  //then a black window appeared on the screen. 
                                                                //This window did not do any rendering.
The relevant code using sdl in VTK8.0 is following:
    this->WindowId = SDL_CreateWindow( this->WindowName,
        this->Position[0], this->Position[1],
        this->Size[0] / 2, this->Size[1] / 2,
        unWindowFlags );
I want the 8.1 version to be the same as the 8.0 version on the desktop to display the rendering window and embedded into the qt main window.
Ps: I can not embed the 8.0 version's sdl window into qt window because some strange errors.
Thanks very much.
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