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Daryl L. Bonhaus dlb at ConceptsNrec.com
Wed Feb 28 16:33:01 EST 2018

We have a Windows MFC application that uses VTK for visualization, and we now have a need to get CGNS data into our pipeline. It looks like our options are:

  1.  Write the code ourselves (and reinvent the wheel),
  2.  Copy and adapt the source code for ParaView's vtkCGNSReader to our application,
  3.  Convince someone to move the reader from ParaView into VTK.
  4.  Put the reader in VTK ourselves and issue a pull request.
I'm looking for opinions or suggestions about the relative merits of each approach, especially from anyone on the list who has similar experience.

Daryl Bonhaus
Director, CFD Software Development
Concepts NREC
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