[vtkusers] Rendering error with clip planes on ray cast volumes and depth peeling

gohlinchia gohlinchia at gmail.com
Wed Feb 21 22:04:14 EST 2018


I'm using VTK 8.1.0. I'm trying the new volume depth peeling with clip
planes when I noticed a problem. 

When the clip planes are active (set via vtkBoxWidget) on a volume in a
scene with polygonal meshes, the rendered volume is displayed incorrectly
when the depth peeling is ACTIVE. When I interactively move the camera, the
clipped volume is rendered wrongly. However, when I disable depth peeling
the clipped volume is displayed correctly but the meshes are displayed
wrongly. The volume is rendered using the GPU ray casting mapper and the
meshes are rendered using the normal polydata mapper.

The first image shows correct clipping without depth peeling:

The next image shows the incorrect clipping with depth peeling:

Anyone else encountered this problem? Is this a known bug?

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