[vtkusers] how to subclass a vtk class

Walter Rhoden guyrhoden at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 21 20:52:11 EST 2018

 I am looking for guidance on how to correctly subclass a vtk class.  I have seen a number of older examples (vtk 5 or earlier) that all seem to fail now for various reasons.  I attempted to debug a number of them but this was an endeavor in frustration and I gave up in disgust.
Does anyone know of a good up to date guide document and/or simple example that illustrates the basics?
I am working in C++ and with QT.  I have the basics down pretty good.  I am looking to subclass some of the basic geometry classes such as vtkcylindersource and similar with the idea of added some additional methods specific to the overall function of my QT program/project.  Obviously this is not as simple as calling out the vtk class as the inherited class.  
Any help/guidance would be greatly appreciated.
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