[vtkusers] Overlay slice on vtkResliceImageViewer and change slice when scrolling

ochampao ochampao at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 21 17:22:56 EST 2018

Hi vtkUsers,

How can I overlay a slice from a volume on another volume that is already
being displayed using a vtkResliceImageViewer? I would also like the slice
from the second volume to change when the slice of the first volume changes,
for example, when using the mouse scroll wheel.

Some more details:

Currently I am able to read a volume from a dicom series and display it
using vtkResliceImageViewer. I was also able to generate another "dummy"
volume with equal dimensions and spacing as the dicom volume, extract a
slice from it using vtkImageReslice (slice axes extracted from
vtkResliceImageViewer) and overlay it on the current dicom slice. I used
vtkLookupTable and vtkImageMapToColors for mapping the colours/opacity of
the dummy slice and then added it to the renderer as a vtkImageActor. This
works, however the slice overlaid does not change when scrolling through the
slices of the dicom volume. How can I achieve this?

Is it possible to achieve this by using a second vtkResliceImageViewer on
the same render window? (I have tried this with no success).

Thanks for you help,

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