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Yaneury Fermin yaneury.fermin at stonybrook.edu
Sun Feb 18 11:36:47 EST 2018


I'm a student who was recently tasked with developing web-based CT images
renderer. The goal of the project is to develop a web app that allows users
to upload CT image scans and allows for basic image manipulation for
analysis. The file types used for the CT scans are .mhd (header
information, simple .INI structure), .zraw (not quite sure what that is)
and .vtk (not sure what that is either). Our mentor had mentioned that the
VTK library (the C++ version) supports the rendering of these files, but
isn't sure if the vtk.js binding library does. Do you know if the
javascript library supports rendering these files? If so, are there any
examples that I might have missed that demonstrate how to do so? Forgive me
if I'm misunderstanding what the VTK library does, as I'm new to both these
file types, and the VTK library as whole.

Our mentor uses the QT application Seg3D2
<http://www.sci.utah.edu/cibc-software/seg3d.html> to render these types of
file and we're basically porting that desktop application to a web version.

I've attached a link to the sample data in case you're interested in what
the dataset we need to render is.

Any help is greatly appreciated, as myself and my partner are at our wits'

Thank you,

Yaneury Fermin
Sample Data
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