[vtkusers] Creating 3d model from 2d image slices

Ashef Shahrior ashahrior.91994 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 13 06:38:27 EST 2018

I am a complete newbie to VTK & ITK. I'm trying to create a 3d model of the
human brain/bone from 2d image slices using VTK, Visual Studio, C++, CMake;
or at least I think that's what I'm supposed to do as per my project
supervisor. Now, I'd like to know what things I am required to learn or
what procedures should I follow to accomplish my task, what components
should I search for to get it done. I don't seem to find any tutorial on
youtube on this but some videos on the built model projects. I have done
some searching on the internet but I guess I am not doing it the right way
to get the information I require. Can anyone please assist me with some
information in this matter? It'll be a great help. Otherwise, I'll be
getting a straight F. Thanks in advance. :)
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