[vtkusers] Can somebody please explain how to use vtkImplicitWindowFunction?

alican alican1812 at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 2 14:17:04 EST 2018

Sorry, if I am missing something obvious, but I cannot make it work.

I am trying to cut a hole in the 0,0,0 centered mesh using vtkPolyPlane as
an implicit function.
For simpliity sake let's say my mesh is a hollow cylinder, and I want to cut
a hole on the front (z>0) surface only.

I have thought that using vtkImplicitWindowFunction I can set a cutting
range alongside Z-axis, let's say 
from zmax to zero, however any values I have tried don't work.

I have tried setting values as 
0, zmax
vtkPolyPlane::EvaluateFunction(0), vtkPolyPlane::EvaluateFunction(zMax), 
vtkPolyPlane::FunctionValue(0), vtkPolyPlane::FunctionValue(zMax), 

What am I missing?

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