[vtkusers] How to track a particular line from a group of lines in a render window drawn using vtkLineWidget2

K O ranjith kor1581 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 1 05:53:50 EST 2018

I'm using vtkLineWidget2 to draw a number lines in
vtkResliceImageViewer  render
window.  After drawing the line when it moves using mouse interactions,  I
need to
collect its new coordinates.  For this need to identify which line (
vtkLineWidget2  object) has moved.  I'm using interaction  callback to
track the movement. But as the render window contains more than one drawn
line,  how can track which line has selected for moving?
In vtk,  have any default mechanism for tracking actors/widgets in a render
do I have to inherit  vtkLineWidget2  to include mechanism to track the
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